Pretty Maids all in a Row
Clowning Around Ceramic Wall Piece
Curiosity has Merit- Ceramic/Found Objec
Turn Slowly Wall Piece
Curious Rabbit - Ceramic/Found Objects
A Mouse in the House - Ceramic/Found Obj
Wall Pieces with Found Objects
Stained and Hand Painted Wall Piece with
Cermic_Paper _Found Object Wall piece
Brite Idea
Stained/Painted Ceramic Wall Piece with
Clock aVintage Marble Wall Piece
Bike Gear Wall Piece
Vintage Marbles and Found Objects
Mixed Media Wall Piece
Gear and Button Wall Piece
House that Rules
Ceramic Ladder with Found Objects
Ceramic Ladders w/Found Objects
Broken Heart
Encaustic Memories
Mended Heart
Heart in Layers - Ceramic/Found Objects
Heart on the Wall Ceramic/Found Objects.
Memory Brick - Ceramic/Found Objects
Hope Part Two Ceramic Assemblage
Saddle Up to the Bar - Ceramic/Found Obj
There is Hope
Ceramic and Found Object Wall Piece
Woman in the Window Ceramix w/ Tin Type
Clown Wall Piece
Jester Wall Piece
Carrot Man
Broccoli Man

You can also purchase work directly from me by contacting me through the email form on the contact page. 

My work can also be purchased through short term exhibitions at a variety of exhibitions listed on my events page.